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With so many websites on the net, the chances of finding one specific site, without a proper address, are about the same as buying a lottery ticket. And with millions of new sites coming online every month, not all of them will attract the traffic they need to be successful. Check out the counters located at the bottom of many websites, and you'll find those numbers often make the whole process of establishing a web presence seem hardly worth the effort.

Without advanced services such as marketing, search engine registration and optimization, or other effective traffic strategies, the visitor count is usually very low. And the truth is, if no one sees a website, there really is no point in having one!

So that is why we recommend you to buy a search engine package.

There are several types of actions that are performed to maximize your site's placement and positioning. Some are essential, while the usefulness of others depends on the content and intended audience of the site.


Site Optimization involves making specific changes or additions to the content of your site. Attention is paid to such elements as keyword placement and density, image "alt" tags, page titles, meta tags, etc. Optimization begins with thorough keyword analysis: an evaluation of keyword presence on the site, the number of searches performed on those words and phrases on the various search engines, and the number of other pages competing for each. Only after a keyword management plan is ready can detailed optimization work begin.


Search Engine Submission is the process of ensuring that your site is listed or indexed at each of the major search engines and directories. Some of these resources require a fee for placement, some are free, and some don't require submission at all &emdash; they will find your site by browsing the web with programs known as "robots" or "spiders."


Search Engine Positioning includes the ongoing maintenance process of evaluating your site's placement and its position in response to various keyword queries, and making requisite adjustments: tweaking the content with the goal of reaching and maintaining the highest position possible. This phase also introduces such activities as link building &emdash; recruiting other sites with related content to link to yours.


Search Engine Advertising refers to the purchase of listings on those search engines and directories that use a paid placement approach. On some sites you'll pay per click, on some per impression (each time your listing is displayed).


Copy Editing involves writing or rewriting the site copy or text in such a way that it is effective as a marketing form and and informational resource to human visitors, but also ranks well in search engine databases. An integral part of Site Optimization, this service can also be performed as a separate activity.


Pricing of any of our services can be done on an individual basis for your site.


To get started with your own site, simply request a free preliminary site evaluation.

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