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Web site design

At MyInternetPlace.net we offer custom graphics, tailor made solutions, and personalized marketing, so you can be confident that we under- stand all aspects of Internet strategy.

Whatever your business, the Internet can help you market and sell your products & services more cost effectively than ever before. With designs that stand out from the crowd, we offer small businesses and corporate enterprises innovative and unique ways in which to sell existing or new products on the web - at affordable prices.

MyInternetPlace.net designs range from simple, yet effective, web sites for small businesses, to corporate designs which employ the latest Internet/Computer technologies. In short, MyInternetPlace.net develops strategies to suit your requirements and budgets - without being overloaded with unnecessary 'bells & whistles'.


E-commerce Web Site Design

E-commerce is changing the way we do business! It has catapulted the Internet forward, transforming it from a source of recreation and information into a machine with incredible profit and cost savings potential. With a custom built e-commerce solution from MyInternetPlace.net, you will save money by reducing time and labor costs while improving customer communication. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and cost savings of shopping on-line. Whether you need a small e-commerce add-on to your existing site or a complete turnkey solution, MyInternetPlace.net has the knowledge and resources to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and help you realize the return on investment you've been searching for. E-Commerce gives your business the interactive ability to place goods and services on the Internet where the customer can search, select and purchase products online instantly. There are huge benefits in E-Commerce. It opens a whole new distribution channel, accessing new customers, with new products and services. Unlike conventional retail it has virtually no overheads. It offers global reach enabling your business to become an International company not-to-mention accessing remote areas in this country alone. There is a wide range of commerce solutions now, to suit every size of business, and budget.

Shopping On-line

This is the most common form of E-Commerce. Creating a virtual storefront gives you access to global markets, and allows the opportunity for small businesses to compete with larger rivals on a more level playing field. The entire sales process is done at once: Marketing, sales transactions, supplier relationships and customer support.

Better Business

E-Commerce does not mean you will need to change your business. It requires evolving and enhancing your business procedures to improve your overall efficiency and build stronger customer relationships. Imagine setting-up a small distribution sector in your business just to cope with your newly established fast-growing Internet sales … exciting!

Tailor-made E-Commerce

Solutions MyInternetPlace.net provides all the components required to help improve you business's performance using the power and flexibility of Internet technologies. Combining the right mix of our services with your existing business structure. MyInternetPlace.net will design a tailor-made solution built around your specific needs. Whatever size the project, whatever cost be assured that MyInternetPlace.net will always apply the same level of professionalism, innovation, and experience.

How ?

MyInternetPlace.net will show you. To take advantage of E-Commerce, MyInternetPlace.net provides custom solutions based around specific needs. We don't use a standard template, nor do we adopt previous clients work. Each solution is fresh, innovative and new.

Design and Creation

We have experienced Website Designers to develop the initial layout using your company logo, colors, graphics, images, sounds and video to create a "corporate image" and present the company in the right light. All site content (pictures, words, sounds) will mainly originate from you (due to copyright laws) but we will give guidance and offer alternatives and advice on what kind of information should be included. Alternatively, MyInternetPlace.net can offer your business a fresh face-lift. Imagine a new corporate image to reflect your new market! MyInternetPlace.net will take care of all the Website creation functions required. These may include obtaining a domain name (i.e. www.yourcompany.com), hosting your website, providing you with Internet connections, E-mail accounts, registering your site with major search engines to give you maximum exposure, help you implement an advertising strategy for your site, and even train your staff.

Hosting and Maintenance

Once your site is up and running, MyInternetPlace.net will maintain it for you. This process is important because we can provide you with regular statistics and help you with decisions on the future direction of your site. As an alternative, you may wish to maintain your own site, in which we can train your staff and still offer advice down the track if required.

How do I gain customers?

Today, people are working longer hours and have fewer days off. The biggest marketing tool of E-Commerce is that it gives your business the ability to be open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. MyInternetPlace.net can take care of your on-line trading requirements, from a simple E-mail ordering system, or an extension of your existing account-base system, to accepting credit card purchases and handling the merchant banking services.

Customer Support

You can have a customer support service on-line, by creating on-line help pages for your products. Customers can browse through your support pages. This saves setting up 24-hour telephone lines and extra staff thus saving you time and money.

Keeping your Customers

There are fun and innovative ways in which your business can portray a good "community" atmosphere on-line. These can include discussion forums, chat rooms, FAQ's, and product troubleshooting feedback pages. All of which your customers will create how easy is that ?

It's Easy !

MyInternetPlace.net can integrate your existing database, order process and supply management systems. All information is protected and all data is backed-up on regular basis.

Why us?

We take your E-Commerce solution far beyond the on-line catalogue and improve your business efficiency by integrating your proven business system with Internet technologies. Our statistical reports can be analyzed by our marketing consultants to ensure your business moves to the current trends. Stagnant or old business practices are not going to keep up with the changing face of society. In order to keep afloat in this time and age, your business strategies need to adopt constant change. MyInternetPlace.net can offer detailed business consultancy on how to change your strategies to suite the changing market. The choice is yours… get an on-line catalogue website made by a backyard company … OR get a complete integrated E-business package with MyInternetPlace.net which not only includes marketing your product but also adopting structural changes to your business to cope with the new flood of sales.


Web Site Graphics


Any project with visual impact starts with website graphic design, and at MyInternetPlace.net, things are no different. We use the latest technologies to create crisp 2-D images and animations as well as eye-popping 3-D graphics giving every website graphic piece a solid visual foundation.

MyInternetPlace.net can provide all kinds of website graphics from simple static logos, java effects, Flash designs, 3D graphics to streaming audio and video. Contact us for more information on our different website graphic-based services can be obtained by contacting us, or viewing examples in our portfolio


Web Site Hosting


Web hosting customers have never been more demanding. You need speed. You need performance. You need complete reliability. That's why MyInternetPlace.net has combined the best hardware, latest software and the most reliable network components to deliver the services you need. Whether you want to park a domain, host a family web site, run a complete E-Business storefront or host a live broadcast with millions of hits -choosing MyInternetPlace.net and it's partners as your Web Hosting provider will be the wisest choice you make.


To find the package that best suits your needs, you may start by selecting a category above. You will find everything from economy site packages offering a very low startup cost and low reoccurring fees, to complete turnkey e-commerce solutions. You may also contact us to discuss your specific needs and allow us to make a recommendation how to best accomplish your online goals.

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